Why High Heels Are Harming Your Health

High heels. Those two words, when strung together, can evoke a variety of feelings, emotions, as well as the possible emptying of bank accounts. You might be more than familiar with them, having a closet or two devoted to your collection which spans the colors of the rainbow, and bestow upon them the power to “make or break” any outfit and/or week.

You are not alone. Statistics show that 72% of women will have worn heels at least once in their lifetime, and the average American woman will spend in excess of $9,000 on them during her time here on planet earth. Wait, what!?

But if you’re an avid wearer of high heels, you also might be familiar with how painful wearing them can be over an extended period of time. For some of you that might be a full day, for others a full five minutes. And there’s a reason for this: heels can actually be harmful to your health.

So, in addition to sore tootsies, let’s explore why you might want to put down your next pair of 4”, bedazzled, red patent leather stilettos and explore what those “flats” everyone keeps mentioning are all about.

Petrovic Marko / Shutterstock.com
Petrovic Marko / Shutterstock.com
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