Why Do People Have Freckles?

We’ve all heard about the ever-increasing power of the UV rays pelting down on us from the sky and what we need to do to avoid being harmed by them. Options include: slathering on a 60+ SPF sunscreen the second our feet hit the floor in the AM, sporting a whole suit of protective clothing while at the beach, or staying indoors or in the shade during peak hours.

But for those of us who unconsciously, or deliberately, expose ourselves to the sun, our skin will react differently depending on our genes, the intensity of the UV rays and the amount of time our skin is exposed. Maybe some of you get an ‘80s-inspired golden gleam, while others hit insta-lobster status in a matter of minutes.

Some of us might even develop a fresh crop of freckles after we’ve been out and about. This could be an Anne Shirley-esque sprinkle, or so many that when the freckles join and become one, we can trick people into thinking we’ve gotten a permanent tan. But what exactly are freckles and why do we get ‘em in the first place? And how come some people might only get one or two, while others get all the rest?

avemario / Shutterstock.com
avemario / Shutterstock.com
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