Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

There’s a strong possibility that you are sitting down right now reading this. Maybe while seated, you’re noticing a bit of a pinching sensation around your waistband. Maybe there’s even some overflow of you appearing above your belt. If you’re feeling playful, possibly you’re poking and/or squeezing said roll.  Aaaand maybe feeling guilty about the choices you made last weekend…

For most of us, carrying a small amount of weight around our tummies is normal, and having an extra bit to squish while seated is as well. But for some, there might be more there than you’d like. There are many things which influence our perception of how much weight we should be carrying (societal standards, our physician, the fit of our old jeans from high school…) and if we aren’t happy with where we’re at, we might be inspired to do something about it.

But where does the fat go once we “burn it off?” Does it magically just melt away like those ads on TV claim? Unfortunately, we sure as heck know that it doesn’t just go from the places we don’t like (thanks, target-training-resistant body!). So what happens to our squish once it’s no longer there to squeeze?

Piriya Kulvatada / Shutterstock.com
Piriya Kulvatada / Shutterstock.com
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