8 Reasons to Never Do a Cleanse

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Cleanses (also known as detox diets) are very restrictive programs which claim to help you lose weight and rid your body of toxins. They’re a really popular, yet controversial, trend. Many celebrities and social media personalities swear by cleanses to give them an amazing body and glowing skin. However, cleanses are not what they seem. Here are 8 reasons why you should steer clear of cleanses.

The scientific community largely agrees that it’s bogus

It may be surprising to hear that you don’t actually have any reason to detoxify your body (unless you’re a hardcore drug user). All those advertisements may convince you otherwise, but your body was made to naturally get rid of toxins. Your kidneys, liver, skin and lungs all play a role in getting rid of those harmful substances that you’re constantly bombarded with. Any product or program that claims to detox is simply a scam.

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Detoxing can lead to nutrient deficiencies

Many detox regimens are ridiculously strict; they may require drinking only liquids or eating only fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, they usually don’t come with instructions on how to safely incorporate essential nutrients into your diet. This can be dangerous as it deprives your body of nutrients such as vitamin B, protein and good fats. When your body lacks these nutrients, it can cause some serious damage to your immune system and your muscles.

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Eating whole fruits and vegetables is healthier than juicing cleanses

Juicing seems to be all the rage as far as food and drinks go. But, does it really live up to its hype? Probably not. When you juice fruits and vegetables, you’re actually stripping them of the fiber and antioxidants found in their skin and seeds. Fiber is important in giving you the feeling of fullness, so without it, you’ll actually crave more food.  Additionally, most fruits and even some vegetables are loaded with sugar and, especially when in liquid form, have the tendency to cause a spike in blood sugar. So, daily juicing should definitely be avoided by diabetics.

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