11 Parenting Facts Your Mom Never Told You

Featureladybirdstudio / Shutterstock[content-ad-1]So you’re thinking about becoming a parent? You may think you’ve got it all figured out. You were a kid once, you know what it’s like. Well, while you were busy terrorizing the neighborhood, your mom and dad were learning a lot about parenting that might surprise you. Check out the list below to learn a few of the facts they never told you.

Kids Don’t Sleep In

You’d think they’d be tired from all that running around and crying all day but you’d be mistaken. Children are typically early risers and will make sure that you are too.

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School Plays Are Boring

Maybe the first time you see little Timmy all lit up on the Christmas stage, you’ll feel a slight burst of pride, or maybe a tear running down your cheek. However, once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement, the rest of the school play is going to seem like it never ends. You better hope your child has a starring role to keep you awake and interested.

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Kids Repeat Everything

Even if they’ve just started talking, kid’s brains are like sponges and not only do they take in everything you say around them, they tend to spit it back out too. Get used to spelling words out, or coming up with kid-friendly curses, if you don’t want to be constantly washing their mouths out with soap.

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