Stop Stressing Out by NOT Doing These 7 Things

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There are a lot of things we can do to limit our stress levels, but there are also a number of things we can stop doing as well. Check out these 7 things you can ditch to stay stress free:

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To-Do List Broken Record

Sometimes we think going through all the things we need to do over and over in our head is a good way to keep on top of things, but it’s actually a good way to drive yourself crazy with stress. Constantly dwelling and focusing on all the work you have to get done or the list of things to do that keeps piling up while remaining inactive isn’t helping anyone.

Don’t replay your list over and over in your head like a broken record. Write everything down, pick one task, focus on that and get it done. Be sure to check it off the list when you’re done though, because that always feels amazing! / Shutterstock

Telling Everyone How Stressed You Are

Yes, talking things through with friends, significant others or family is a good way to get help and support, but blabbing on and on about your huge list of things to do is a social no-no. Your loved ones are there to help, and we’ve all got issues, but try to make sure you don’t dominate every conversation with how crazy your life is. Ask about others and try to include some positives as well. When explaining our stresses to other people, we can often blow them up to seem bigger than they are, only making us feel even more stressed out than we already were, so try not to over exaggerate.

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Working Non-Stop

There are definitely times when we need to pull the occasional all-nighter or work through the weekend. However, even the most important workweeks need to be broken up with some kind of break — and no, sleeping at your desk doesn’t count. Gluing yourself to your spot is not going to help you get things done any faster; you will only get bored, restless and lose focus. However, if you allow yourself short breaks every now and then — a quick walk, some stretches, the gym if you’re some kind of super human — your brain will remain active and allow you to focus much better on the task at hand with a much lower level of stress.

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