8 Easy Ways to Quash Your Anxiety Right Now

Featureaga7ta / Shutterstock[content-ad-1]No matter how confident you are, everyone faces anxiety and nerves from time to time. It might be public speaking that gets you jittery, an important social event or life change coming up, or just a tough day at the office. Whatever the cause there are many simple ways you can fight those fears and banish the nerves. Take a moment to yourself, take a deep breath, and try some of these 8 easy ways to quash your anxiety right now.

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1. Think of the Big Picture

Often, things that worry you in the moment may not be as big of a deal in the future. Maybe it’s an important conversation with your boss or an argument with a friend. It might be upsetting or stressful in the days leading up to it, but you can try to calm down by looking further into the future. Look at the big picture and consider if this will matter in a week, a month, or even a year from now. If it isn’t such a life-altering issue and you can take a moment to step out of the present, then you might be able to look at things from one step back and breathe a little easier.

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2. Get Some Rest

You’ll be more likely to get nervous, shaky, and anxious if you aren’t well rested. Make sure to get enough sleep in the nights before your big presentation so you feel well-rested and settled. If you’re running on caffeine and no sleep you could be more worried about making mistakes and you might miss something important if you can’t focus. You can settle your brain, breathe easier, and feel more confident when your body and mind are well-rested.

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3. Eat Healthy

Similar to needing enough rest, your body also requires nutrition and balanced meals to banish anxiety. Loading up on junk food or skipping meals won’t help your fight the stress and will likely make it worse. To make sure your whole body, mind, and emotions are stable, try to eat healthy meals and get enough protein, carbs, and fat to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Stabilizing your body will help keep your brain calm and combat stress.

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