9 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

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Whether your relationship is old or new, you should never get complacent about making sure it’s a healthy and happy one. If you see any of the following red flags pop up, even once, you need to seriously reconsider your need for alone time. Read on to make sure you’re not in a ruined relationship.

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Hide and Seek

Hiding almost anything in a relationship is a red flag. If it’s the last bagel, you’re fine, but if it’s their text messages, emails, or bank statements, there may be cause for concern. Depending on what point you are at in your relationship, varying levels of sharing are appropriate; however, if your significant other is obviously and intentionally going out of their way to hide anything personal from you, consider it a red flag.

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Too Busy

If someone is too busy to answer your text message during the work day, fine, but if they are too busy to answer your text message for several work days, you’ve got yourself a red flag. Most people won’t even leave their Mom hanging that long, let along their significant other. If someone is constantly taking days to get back to you, you are clearly not a priority, nor are you crossing their mind very often and you should consider that relationship a done deal (not in the good way).

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Change of Subject

Ahh, talks of the future. What should be an exciting conversation tends to become somewhat of a nightmare for many relationships. Putting a timeline on when talks of marriage should be had, or how many kids you want, can be tricky and definitely varies from couple to couple. However, if your partner completely and blatantly causes a full subject change any time you bring up any aspect of the future (either with or without you) that’s a red flag. Only James Bond needs to maintain that level of anonymity and you’re not dating James Bond, so if this flag shows up, it’s time to hit the road.

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