9 Inspiring Celebs Who Aren’t Ashamed of Their Flaws

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In a time where the hashtag #thinspiration is popular among young women, it can be hard to have a positive body image. Movies and music videos show extremely skinny women with perfect hair and makeup, matched with expensive outfits and rock-hard abs. Bikini bodies are goals for young girls, wrinkle-free serums are advertised to anyone over the age of 25, and women around the world are bombarded with images of celebrities with figures that are nearly unattainable for the average person.

Although public awareness of the power (not to mention the popularity) of editing and Photoshop has increased, and the popular Dove Campaign for Real Beauty helped open our eyes to healthy body image, it can still be tricky to find a female celebrity who doesn’t make you want to watch your weight and change your appearance.

Luckily there are still a few celebrities left who embrace their flaws and try to offer a more healthy, normal, and attainable image for women to look up to. Old or young, these celebrities flaunt their flaws and show the world what real beauty means.

Kate-MiddletonShaun Jeffers / Shutterstock

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

This royal role model has a large following of women old and young, who look up to her as a celebrity of sorts. Kate has faced flak from the media for her post-baby body. After giving birth to Prince George in 2013, Kate stepped out and showed off a natural figure after birth. Instead of flaunting rock hard abs just weeks after a baby, she showed what real women look like. Even with a little bit of her baby bump still left, Kate looked great and gave a different perspective on post-baby bodies.

Tina-FeyFeatureflash / Shutterstock

Tina Fey, Actress

Tina Fey has shared her body-positive views in her hit book Bossypants and addressed the unrealistic ideals of beauty. She also has a scar on her face that she embraces, even though many celebrities would opt to cover something like that. Tina is refreshingly real about the standards of beauty and how average women aren’t anything like what is seen on television.

Karolina-KurkovaEverett Collection / Shutterstock

Karolina Kurkova, Model

Karolina has an almost-invisible belly button as a result of an umbilical hernia, but this supermodel didn’t let her body flaw stop her from rocking the runways. Instead of letting that keep her from pursuing her dreams, she embraces it on the catwalk and shows women everywhere that supermodels aren’t all perfect and plastic.

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