7 Things That Are Keeping You From Being the Best

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You think you’re doing pretty well: You got that promotion, you’re in a happy relationship, and life is pretty swell. But there’s always room for improvement, right? Check out this list to see if any of these seven things are keeping you from reaching your full potential:

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You’re Scared

Every single person has it in them to be the best at anything they can dream of. (“Best” meaning personal best — there can only be one Beyoncé.) A lot of what is holding most people back from being the best they can be is fear. You’re scared to try new things, scared of failing, scared of embarrassing yourself. But what you need to remember is that everyone starts somewhere and you won’t know until you try.

Don’t let fear get in the way of pursuing something that you are interested in, especially if you think you might have a real chance at it. No one is going to judge you for trying, but they will judge you for talking about “What Could Have Been.”

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You’re Aiming Too Low

Sometimes people aim too high and get disappointed, but other times people aim way too low and don’t reach their full potential. Aiming low means always taking the safe choice, the easy route, going with expectation. It’s easy to think you’re the “best” at something simple, but if you don’t really care about it, you’ll never be anywhere near the best and everyone will see right through you.

Being the best at something requires a certain level of passion and if you don’t aim high enough you’re never gonna feel it. Make sure you’re aiming for something you actually think is difficult and then maybe you’ll care enough about it to put in the required energy to actually be your best.

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You’re Close-Minded

The best type of anything is someone who is open to new ideas, new angles, new styles, and new techniques. If you’re stuck in a certain job or place, there may not be room for you to really expand yourself and be the best you can be, but if you’re open to exploring new opportunities you will more than likely find a place where you can really shine. Free your mind (cue En Vogue), allow yourself to go off the beaten path and find what really works for you.

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