7 Things Celebrities Can Teach Us About Love

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With all of the hookups and breakups in Hollywood, it can be hard to see celebrities as relationship inspiration, and even though many of our favorite stars seem to date somebody new every week, there are a few couples that have lasting love. Some of the most iconic couples on the red carpet can show us a thing or two about making a relationship work. Here are 7 things celebrities can teach us about love:

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Don’t Give Up

Jennifer Aniston is a prime example of giving love a second chance. After the drama of Brangelina and the breakup of one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples, Jennifer took the high road. She didn’t start a catfight and she didn’t stay home in her sweatpants when she got divorced from Brad Pitt. She went on with her life and her work, and has since found a lasting love with Justin Theroux.

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Age Is Just a Number

The amount of celebrity couples with significant age differences is hard to keep track of. From Jennifer Lopez and her younger backup dancer hubby, to Taylor Swift and her many suitors of different ages, these couples show that age doesn’t matter. Bradley Cooper dated a model that was 17 years younger than him, and Hayden Panettiere has a child with her partner who is 14 years her senior.

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Family Matters

No matter how many makeups and breakups you go through, your family will always love you. Celebrities rely on their families to get through tough times and they prove that family love is a lasting love. Selena Gomez focused on her newborn baby sister while she dealt with the drama of her Justin Bieber breakup and the Kardashian clan has stuck together through the marriages and divorces of almost every family member.

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