7 People You Have to Deal With When You Decide to Get Married

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You’re getting married – congratulations! Get ready for your family to double both in size and weirdness. This list highlights seven of your new family members you can expect to see at all future holidays – whether you want to or not.

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The Mother in Law

Whenever you marry someone’s child, especially if it’s their son, you’re going to feel the heat from their Mom. Dealing with this type of mother in law mainly consists of agreeing upon how special, handsome and successful her son is and how lucky you are to have him. It will also involve trying to ignore the uncomfortable frequency with which she touches him and, of course, apologizing for taking him away from her forever. You may never be able to get on her good side, but avoiding her bad side is highly recommended.

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The Father in Law

Marrying “Daddy’s Little Girl” requires that you walk a rather fine line of lighthearted fun and respect. Mention of a gun collection, excessive beer drinking and awkward conversations about her hot friends are all to be expected. Laughing at his jokes, which will likely cover a vast range of inappropriate topics, is also a requirement of dealing with this individual. As long as you can keep up, once you’re in with this guy, you can relax and probably have a lot of fun together. But don’t you ever hurt her or he will kill you.

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The ‘Baby’

No, not a real baby, but the “baby” of the family: the youngest sibling who somehow still gets to act like a brat even at age 30. Whether it’s their self-declared “Princess” of a younger sister giving you the elevator eyes (not in the good way) or their beer pong playing younger brother who never seems to grow up (or move out), younger sibling in-law come in all types – the good, the bad, and the ugly – but don’t ever say that last one out loud.

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