6 Beauty Splurges That Are Totally Worth It

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While most budget beauty buys are just as good as the high-end versions, there are some products you should never skimp on. Certain beauty products that deliver exceptional results or are saved for special occasions can be worth the higher price tags. Your classic clear lip balm shouldn’t break the bank, but don’t pass up these 5 beauty splurges that are totally worth it:

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Waterproof Mascara

You might not use this every day, but saving it for a rainy day (literally) is what makes this splurge worth it. The one day a month when you have a long night ahead of you, bad weather, or a strong chance of tears at your son’s graduation or your best friend’s wedding, you’ll be glad you have waterproof mascara. Some people use it every day, but if you normally reach for a washable formula and suddenly find yourself in need of something cry-proof, having a backup waterproof option will be a lifesaver. In the summertime, the humidity and days spent outdoors will have you reaching for a waterproof formula more frequently than you might think.

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Facial Toner

Washing your face is a given in a morning or nightly routine, and moisturizer is pretty common as well, but the middle step gets skipped quite often. Investing in a toner as Step 2 in your skincare regime can offer great results. No matter what you’re trying to achieve — whether it be less oil, softer skin, combatting wrinkles, or anything in between, a toner can help you get the skin you want. The Body Shop offers a few different options depending on your skin care needs and even though adding an extra step can be a bit of a hassle, it’s worth it to get results.

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Cuticle Oil

Whether you have a weekly salon appointment or you prefer to do it yourself, nicely manicured nails are a noticeable aspect in a woman’s appearance. No matter what type of nails you have, or what color you wear, cuticle care is something many women overlook. Dry, brittle, or broken cuticles will be equally noticeable on perfectly painted red nails or all natural unpainted nails.

Cuticle care is an important part of taking care of your hands, and although it might not seem as essential as a body lotion or hand soap, it can make a big difference in how your hands and nails look. For just a fraction of the price of a manicure you can get a bottle of cuticle oil and use it on a weekly basis to soften your cuticles and make your nails look healthy and fresh.

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