5 Signs You Should Dump Him Today

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Sometimes you can get stuck in a relationship rut where you aren’t sure if you should stay or go. We all know that breakups are never fun and most people try to avoid them whenever possible. In fact, it’s pretty common to stay in a bad relationship for too long because it feels comfortable or easy. A breakup might be tough at first but in the long run you’ll thank yourself for getting out of that slump and moving onto something better. Whether it should have ended months ago, or you’re just not feeling it anymore, here are 5 signs that you should dump him today.

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He Lies… A Lot

A little white lie to cover up the big birthday surprise party he’s planning is definitely acceptable, but lying about significant things shouldn’t be tolerated.

Some men aren’t comfortable with open communication, so they may lie because it’s easier than telling the truth. In some cases, it might not be the end of the world, like when he tells you he loved hanging out with your sister or he really enjoys watching Nicholas Sparks movies with you. Lying in those cases may be fairly harmless, but beware when it becomes a bigger issue. Lying about where he was or who he was with is a big red flag that should tell you a lot about his character.

If he starts lying frequently or about important things, you can almost guarantee you’ll never be able to trust him, and that isn’t right for any relationship. When the trust is gone, he should go too, so don’t be afraid to dump him.

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You Fight More Than You Talk

When pillow talk turns into arguing, and catching up over coffee turns into a blowout fight, you know that is a sign to move on. If you spend lots of time arguing or giving each other the cold shoulder then you’ve lost communication in your relationship. If you can’t have a conversation without nitpicking, fighting, or having some sort of conflict, then you may have just reached the end of your rope.

Relationships should have open lines of communication and they should be a positive and happy part of your life. When you start dreading dinner dates because you have nothing to talk about and you avoid each other because you’re so sick of fighting, you should probably take the high road and let go. You’ll be much better off with a partner who makes you happy instead of angry.

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You’d Rather Be Alone

When you start craving more and more alone time, and less time spend with your significant other, it might be a sign that things aren’t going well. When you are happier without them than you are with them, it has crossed the line and needs to end. Couples should enjoy spending time together and being in each other’s company. Once you start looking for more space and time without your partner, it’s time to let them go for good.

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You Notice the Negatives

When his little quirks become extremely annoying and you start seeing more things you dislike about him, you might be ready to move on. In a strong relationship with a person you love deeply, you can overlook a few minor annoyances or pet peeves. Once you lose the love, all of the little things he does that might have seemed cute before are now major issues. If your tolerance level is getting lower by the day, you might be ready to dump him and find somebody new.

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You Don’t See a Future Together

This is a big one. If you think about your future in five years or ten years and he’s nowhere to be found, you probably don’t have a long-term love. You may not be ready to settle down right now, but when your wedding visions include your best friends, family, and a mysterious man waiting at the altar, it’s definitely a hint. If you no longer see him in the big picture, you shouldn’t waste any more time together.

Jun 12, 2015