17 Things That Are Harder Than Putting Your Kids to Bed

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You read the Three Little Pigs again (giving each pig a different voice), checked the closet for monsters, gave 6 encore hugs and turned on the nightlight. Not 2 minutes later, your pride and joy in his Spider-Man pajamas is standing in front of you. “My tummy hurts. I need a glass of water and I think I saw a spider.” Sister, if you can get through bedtime, you can get through these fun times too:

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1. Potty Training

Try it with twins, just for fun. When one is ready but the other is not, but insists he is, that’s when it gets really interesting. Stock up on rubber gloves, paper towels, air fresheners and red wine.

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2. Breastfeeding

Read all the books you want and become an expert, but the reality of this, no matter how many children you’ve had, is that one of you has never done this before. The baby is brand new at this and will require your patience. As a reward, you get sore breasts. Stock up on nursing pads, A+D ointment and red wine.

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3. First Day of School

That’s a toughie for parents. Their little one is striking out alone, doing big things without Mom or Dad for the very first time. There will be crying, wailing and lots of tears… but try to do that after your child has entered the school!

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