13 Lies You Tell Your Kids

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I still clearly recall the day I learned my mother’s true age and wow, was she unhappy about that! I was 6 years old when the census taker came to the door and he asked my 29 year old mother, among other questions, for her birth year. After her reply, I used my newly acquired math skills and blurted out “Hey, you’re not 29 … you’re 42!” I can tell you it didn’t pay to be a smart kid that day.

So why do we lie to our kids? Don’t we tell them that lying is bad? In my experience, most lies to children are white lies, or lies for the greater good meant to protect them from some knowledge that might hurt them. I bet we’ve all told a few of these untruths…

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Of Course That’s Your Hamster!

When Mr. Fuzzy is found paws up in his cage one morning, the first thing you do is search every pet store in town for a doppelganger and quietly replace the late pet. Then you lie like Pinocchio when your child notices something isn’t quite right.

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Nope, No Onions in There

You know that he will eat just about anything as long as he knows none of those certain dreaded ingredients are in there. Just don’t tell him, or let him see you add them. Hide any tell tale packages. And if he asks? Lie.

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That Spider Is More Afraid of Us Than We Are of It

Oh yeah, right! Even if you want to scream and break out into an arm-waving freak out dance, you will calmly tell your little girl that there’s nothing to fear in hopes that she might avoid inheriting your arachnophobic tendencies.

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