9 Signs You’re Doing This Marriage Thing Right

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While it’s true that every relationship could benefit from a little more effort from both partners, it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and acknowledge what is working. You may find your marriage is more awesome than you gave it credit for, which can be just the push you need to keep making positive changes.

So how do you know you’re winning at the marriage game? Read on to find out:

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You Know When to Offer Advice, and When to Just Listen

Sometimes you just want to vent. You want your partner to agree with you, to complain alongside you, to really hear you. You’re looking for validation and you just want to get something off your chest. Other times, you feel unsure. You want to know what you should do about a problem you’re having.

In both cases, one’s spouse can be a comfort and a help. Wise couples know the difference between the two.

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You Make a Point of Spending Time Together

Our lives are busy, and it’s easy to let days and even weeks go by without really connecting and spending quality time with your spouse. It can happen so often that it becomes routine and gradually, distance grows between partners.

But carving out time to be together is so important. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite series together or playing a favorite board game after the kids go to bed, if you make quality time a priority, you will build a more connected and fulfilling relationship.

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You Communicate, Even When You’d Rather Not

It’s tempting to put up a wall and let your feelings build up inside you. Taking the path of least resistance feels like you’re avoiding conflict; you’re making a bad situation a little better by not discussing it.

However, just the opposite is true. It’s uncomfortable to make yourself vulnerable and say what has hurt you. But if you are open with your partner and regularly communicate your feelings to one another, you build understanding and trust.

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