7 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Got Married

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While it’s true that every relationship could benefit from a little more effort from both partners, it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and acknowledge what is working. You may find your marriage is more awesome than you gave it credit for, which can be just the push you need to keep making positive changes.

So how do you know you’re winning at the marriage game? Read on to find out:

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7. You Need to Talk About Money

Obviously, it’s important to disclose debt or bad credit heading into a partnership, but it’s also crucial to discuss your future goals. How you will save for big purchases? Perhaps you want to travel, or buy more than one property. And what do you envision for retirement?

Disagreements over money are a major source of conflict among couples. Setting your financial priorities together will save a lot of headache and heartache later on. If you are not sure where to start, it’s never too early to consult with a financial advisor, who will get you on the right track. And keep the conversation going throughout your marriage; continuing to communicate about money will ensure your goals are met and prevent surprises from popping up along the way.

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6. Marriage Isn’t 50/50, it’s 100/100

The laws of math don’t apply in marriage. If both partners make their efforts in half measures, it only adds up to unhappiness:somebody is going to come up short and that will cause resentment, which will lead to problems. When the going gets tough, lean on each other and work through it, rather than pulling back to 50%. You owe it to your life partner to give them your all.

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5. Having Kids Changes Things

Not for the worst, necessarily, but adding children to your family will undoubtedly cause change in your relationship.After all, now there’s another person who needs attention. Especially in the newborn stage, you’re both exhausted. Lack of sleep can really affect our outlook and the way we interact with one another. You and your spouse may disagree on parenting, chore distribution, or other things that were never an issue before.

Of course, there are many lovely changes to look forward to when a couple become parents: they can bond more deeply through the experience and feel more connected as a family. Tackling the challenging aspects as a team and keeping communication going will help to baby-proof your relationship.

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