Mommy, Why Are You Drinking Out of the Toilet? Life Lessons for Kids (And Moms)

Mommy, Why Are You Drinking Out of the Toilet Life Lessons for Kids (And Moms)Evgenia Pashkova / Shutterstock
Life with kids is unpredictable. You never know, when you get out of bed each morning, what crazy things are in store for you today. You consider hiring a small bulldozer for the mess in the playroom but then decide to make a batch of carrot muffins instead, only to be side tracked by a trip to the hospital when son number three falls off his bike. Little eyes are watching all the time, seeing how mom and dad deal with all this chaos. Quite possibly, the best thing you can do with these zany episodes is turn them into life lessons.

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You Are Going to Need a Sense of Humor

My mother-in-law handed me this gem just before I married her son, and bless her feisty Irish heart, she couldn’t have been more right! Stuff happens – cars break down, jobs are lost, preschool twins learn how to use the contents of their diapers as an art medium – if you can’t laugh at your predicament, you are going to have an unhappy journey through this life. Kids get that naturally, so let your home be filled with laughter.

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Pet the Kitty Nicely

My now teenage daughter tells me that these words form her earliest memory of things that I taught her, and that sounds about right. Indeed kindness to all the creatures of the Earth, and a need to pass that value on to my own children, long precedes the arrival of my first baby. Horrified by tales of frogs and firecrackers during my own childhood, I was determined that my children would be kind to all living things. Most of my children are grown men now, some of them stand over 6 feet tall, but they are all gentle, slightly cat crazy nature lovers who regularly shoo bees and spiders outside in a paper cup. Is that so bad?

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Be Yourself

There once was a 5 year old boy who wore a homemade vampire cape to the park every day for a year, its red and black material fanning out behind him as he climbed the monkey bars and imagined himself a superhero. That boy is my son, a man now on the verge of becoming a police officer, and when I saw a little guy in a Spider Man costume riding in a grocery cart recently, it made me smile. We could all learn something about just being you from these children.

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